A Mistress..Yes, You Can Have One Too


A Mistress is a Long Term or short-term, modern-day, “Er Nai”, not a girl friend.” This is also called an arrangement and or mistress.

If you are tired of the paid massages, the beautiful paid escorts, done with the club, bars, and hotel restaurant/bars. Then you need a modern-day “Er Nai,” a Mistress! When you get off the plane go see your mistress. When you need a clear  head for thinking go see your mistress. When you leave from 74094272.smallphoto[1]the gym go see your mistress. When you just need to unwind see your mistress.

Your wife is busy with the children or on a shopping trip or simply too tired to be bothered I go see your mistress. But you must have a good to fantastic mistress.

Having the best mistress takes a little leg work. lasted for three 44177892.smallphoto[1]months. A good mistress can last for 5 months or 5 years. The high quality Mistress can make all the pressure at work seem as non-existent.  She will make all…

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