A Russian Mistress

Title: Russian date.. Is she your mate? Companion?

Russian women.. Elegant and feminine, sexy and beautiful, romantic and intriguing, caring and family-oriented.. It’s grown so common for us, western men, to hear and read these characteristics of Slavic ladies that very often we get fascinated just by the very thought of dating a Russian.

A Russian or Ukrainian mistress could make all of your dreams come true!

And we do know that Russian ladies were leaving the former USSR countries and immigrating to be with western men by tens of thousands in the early and mid 1990’ies as a FACT.

The dream of males coming from different parts of the world to find a Russian bride stays. But are the statistical facts and records of successful international dating staying as well? Or gone?

What are East European women like now, 22 or more years after the Soviet system is gone? Are you still likely to get a response from them? If yes, how to spot the honest ones from scammers? And when you finally do meet someone nice and honest, are there any hints that could help you win their heart?

You can get answers to all of these questions in “DATING RUSSIAN AND UKRAINIAN WOMEN, 15 YEARS BACK AND NOW: WHAT HAS CHANGED? WHAT HASN’T?”, a brief and easy-to-read guide-book on international dating by Tanya Proidenko, an interpreter for dating agencies and eyewitness to all the changes going on the dating scene in post-Soviet countries for the past 14 years.

You won’t find encouragements nor criticisms for the idea of dating internationally itself in her book. It’s all just the TRUE stories and experiences from the author’s personal experiences, things she witnessed and observed. Something she wanted to share with her readers in order to help you get rid of faith in the out-of-date myths many Dating Agencies spread around; but rather to have realistic expectations and find out what to REALLY expect and what to take into consideration in order to succeed if you made up your mind to find a Russian bride now, in 2014.

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