A Mistress..Yes, You Can Have One Too

A Mistress is a Long Term or short-term, modern-day, “Er Nai”, not a girl friend.” This is also called an arrangement and or mistress.

If you are tired of the paid massages, the beautiful paid escorts, done with the club, bars, and hotel restaurant/bars. Then you need a modern-day “Er Nai,” a Mistress! When you get off the plane go see your mistress. When you need a clear  head for thinking go see your mistress. When you leave from 74094272.smallphoto[1]the gym go see your mistress. When you just need to unwind see your mistress.

Your wife is busy with the children or on a shopping trip or simply too tired to be bothered I go see your mistress. But you must have a good to fantastic mistress.

Having the best mistress takes a little leg work. lasted for three 44177892.smallphoto[1]months. A good mistress can last for 5 months or 5 years. The high quality Mistress can make all the pressure at work seem as non-existent.  She will make all the work related travel, non issue. When you come back from an assignment your mistress takes care of everything! You can even a better husband and father to your children! This is not a joke! When you go home to your wife after having been refreshed by your mistress, you are in a better frame of mind. Your ready to let your wife go shop or talk about what’s on her mind for the day and even give her great intimacy!

Having a mistress should be the most consistent fun you will ever have! This is your “kept” woman. Your source of refreshment, rejuvenation, shelter from the storm.

Lets understand something, a mistress is not a girlfriend. A girlfriend gets what she can whenever she can from you..money, gifts, jewelry, etc. she never really knows what she is going to get.

However, a mistress knows what to expect.

Having an “Er Nai” or Mistress is an accepted practice in Asia (and China in particular) as many successful businessmen have a Mistress. Among many Chinese businessmen it has become a status symbol. Many of them bring their Er Nai, Mistress to the after business lunches and outings to show off their success of being financially able to afford a Mistress. This trend is now growing in the western countries.

So, what kind of Mistress should you have?

A very good one. That means she should not be greedy. She should loyal. The rest is up to you. But above all else, good, clear communication is a must.

So if you chose an Anglo, Spanish, Asian, or a Russian woman you must be able to communicate clearly. The most naturally feminine woman I have ever known was Asian. They just seem to be raised that way.

A good mistress can easily last into several years. What can you expect from a good mistress? In addition to the obvious, what you want should be discussed.

Take your time doing this. But cover all the topics that are important to you. Do not wait until later after the relationship has progressed to do this. If your budget can handle exclusivity of course that is the way to go. Remember most of all, a mistress should bring you pure relaxation and fun!

There are many sites to find a mistress. Sometimes the women are also referred to as “Sugar Babies.” However, the site I list below is very good and has even been on the Dr. Phil show. If you are just getting started on your quest for a good mistress try this link below.

There are many dating sites, but Seeking Arrangement site is by far the best and most direct as this is the site’s purpose.

Go to this link. It is a direct link and you will find a mistress there. Or for a  woman direct from the Ukraine or Russia click here.

More on modern day Mistresses to come next week.



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